FAQs - Online Orders Only

Q:  How does a Shopper give credit to a particular school and student when placing an online order?

A:  Simply click “Shop” in the upper right corner of any page in the Genevieve’s website.  Ask the Student you are supporting for his/her Student ID. Once you input this 7-digit number into the field "Seller ID" on the Shop Now page,  shopping is easy!

Q:  How does a Shopper give credit to two or more students?

A:  As long as you have each student's Student ID (7-digit number), you can credit each student in one order.

 Q:  How does an online Shopper give credit to a particular school and student if the Shopper has received a link from a student?

A:  This is the recommended way for Shoppers to give credit to the correct student!  Simply click on the link, and the student's "webpage" will appear.  Simply click the Shop Now button and place your order.


Q:  Will a student receive notification of an online Shopper’s purchase when credit is given to that student?

A:  Yes!  The parent/guardian who registered the student will receive notification of your online order right away!


Q:  What forms of payment are accepted?

A:  Genevieve’s accepts the following credit cards:  MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express.


Q:  What are the shipping charges for online orders?

A:  Genevieve’s is happy to ship all online orders valued at $79 or more for free!*  For orders below $79, the shipping charge is the published UPS rate.

* To receive free shipping, order must be sent to one location.  Sales tax is not included in the $79 minimum.


Q:  What shipping carrier is used for delivery of online orders?

A:  Genevieve’s uses UPS as the primary delivery service, however, in some cases, may use the United States Postal Service.


Q:  Is it possible to ship online orders anywhere in the United States?

A:  Genevieve’s currently ships within the 48 continental United States.  Genevieve’s does not ship to  Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or to locations outside of the United States.  Please note:  Genevieve’s does not ship to Post Office Boxes.


Q:  How long does it take for online orders to be delivered?

A:  Online orders will begin shipping on or around September 24, 2018.  Thereafter, online orders will be delivered within 7-9 business days of order date. If there is an item temporarily back-ordered, the purchaser will receive an email with an update.


Q:  Are all of Genevieve’s products available for purchase through online sales?

A:  All  products in Genevieve’s Fall Edition, Style & Home and Close Buy catalogs are available for online purchasing.  The following catalogs are not available online due to the need for refrigeration:  Boston Coffee Cake, Genevieve’s Gourmet frozen foods, Otis Spunkmeyer frozen cookie dough, Fudge, Chocolate Roses, Hershey and Hebert Candy Bars.  All of these products are available, however, for fundraising programs using bulk shipping.


Q:  Are chocolates and food items from other Genevieve’s fundraising programs, such as Genevieve’s Fall 2018 Edition, available for purchase through online sales?

A:  Yes, however, food, especially chocolate, is heat-sensitive, therefore, online orders containing chocolate and heat-sensitive food items will be held and shipped on or around October 2 to addresses in New England, and temperature-permitting to all other regions.* 

* If a Shopper purchases non-food items and would like them shipped prior to October 2, then two separate purchases are required.


Q:  Are online orders subject to sales tax?

A:  Online orders of Genevieve’s products are subject to applicable sales tax if the Shopper's ship-to address is in Connecticut or Massachusetts only.  This is because Genevieve’s has a physical presence in these states.


Q:  How do pre-paid Magazine Subscription Vouchers work?

A:  Pre-paid Magazine Subscription Vouchers that are purchased online are shipped to the Shopper by Genevieve’s.  Upon receipt, the Shopper activates the subscription in one of two easy ways:  either complete the Voucher postcard and mail it in, or go online to www.magselect.com and redeem the voucher.  That’s it!  Subscriptions begin shortly thereafter.